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    Wire mesh for freezer [MKW® Wire processing]

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    Roasting tray [MKW® Wire processing]

Wire processing

Cost optimisation, precision and painstaking quality checks are three of the main characteristics of the wire processing production area. We manufacture according to customer specifications. The in-house product development and design department put your ideas on paper. The toolmaking manufactures the necessary welding, bending or embossing jigs for production.

Main advantage of the wire processing area is the multi-shift operation with a range of welding lines. This enables flexible handling of small series as well as mass production.


Share your idea with us

We offer tailor-made solutions

MKW® is complete supplier of wire processing with subsequent finishing and services extend to logistics. We offer teamwork that extends from idea and design, through product development, prototype constructions to assembling and final completion.

  • customised manufacturing
  • innovative solutions
  • special bending parts
  • single part production to mass production
  • prototype construction
  • most modern machinery

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MKW® Plus + Wire processing

Before and after an optimum result
  • 1. Product development & design
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  • 2. Prototypes
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  • 3. Construction
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  • 4. Toolmaking & Jigs
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  • 5. Wire processing
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  • 6. Chromium plating
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  • 7. Zinc-plating
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  • 8. Powder coating
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  • 9. Assembling
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  • 10. Packaging
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  • 11. Logistics
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  • 12. Quality standard

Main process techniques


Automated cutting press lines manufactured from coils wire parts in accurately defined lenghts.


The modern machinery enables the processing of all common metallic materials in cold molding. In our automated and CNC controlled bending centre we are able to produce complex two and three dimensional bent wire parts.


Due to individual welding lines equipped with latest robotics we produce robust wire products and special grid products.


You geht your wire products powder coated, chromium or zinc-plated.

Processing dimensions

  • steel, stainless steel, coated wire with diameter from 1,4 to 10 mm
  • more diameters on request


  • wire mesh
  • trays for industry and household aplliances
  • wire baskets
  • baking and roasting trays
  • brackets
  • wire mesh welded with bent components, folded, cutted
  • special folded parts (e.g. bottle holder as a give-away...)
  • ...