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    Hard shell, soft core.

    Window profile [MKW® Powder coating alu]

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    At my side every day.

    Profile for facade [MKW® Powder coating alu]

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    Never put off until tomorrow what you can move today.

    Profile for sliding shutters [MKW® Powder coating alu]

Powder coating aluminium

Most modern coating process technology enables best surface quality in all
RAL and special colour spectrum. MKW® is approved MASTER Coater according to GSB directive.

Christian Weinzierl
T +43 7732 4141-0
E office.haag(at)mkw.at

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horizontal and vertical coating

During powder coating the complete RAL and special colour spectrum is processed.
Powder paints quality, gloss level and structure finishes are individual..

Different coating systems (horizontal and vertical) and specific coating technologies
enables the processing of any order quantity.


  • 13-stage cleaning and pre-treatment
  • short-term colour changes
  • processing in accordance to OFI directive
  • more than 35 years experience in coating process technology

We are approved MASTER coater
according to GSB directive.

The quality of coatings conform to GSB quality directives AL 631 and
contain the coating process and in-house quality management.


  • aluminium
  • zinc-plated materials

Quality of powder paints

  • polyester for architectural applications
  • highly weather resistant (HWF)
  • polyurethane (PU)
  • acrylic
  • fluorpolymere (ultra weather resistant)

Structure finishes

  • fine texture
  • rough texture

Gloss level

  • gloss
  • silk gloss
  • matt

Processing dimensions

  • horizontal coating
    7 000 x 2 000 x 400 mm (W x H x D) 
  • vertical coating
    7 500 x 200 x 100 mm (L x W x D)


  • facade elements, profiles
  • aluminium constructions
  • window sills, door plates
  • balcony railings, fences

ONLINE pre-Anodisation
pre-treatment technology for
sustainable prevention of corrosion.

Pre-anodisation is a special pre-treatment technology. In combination with powder coating pre-anodisation is the best and sustainable prevention of corrosion on aluminium (filiform).

At MKW® the part to be processed is transported online.

This means, after pre-anodisation your products are transported directly to the powder coating - without rehanging or any negative interim stop.

Share your idea with us

We offer tailor-made solutions

MKW® is complete supplier of powder coating for aluminium parts. Our services extends from processing
the sheets to ideal logistics for your needs. Every step on-site: from the idea through construction to
completion of units.

  • most modern coating process technology
  • different coating systems
  • Processing of single parts as well as mass production
  • RAL colours and special colour spectrum
  • complete components
Christian WeinzierlManaging Director
Many services.We are flexible and manufacture to order. Store your blank parts in our high-bay warehouse and we process your parts on demand. On request we also offer express delivery.

MKW® Plus + Powder coating alu

Before and after an optimum result
  • 1. Electronic connection
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  • 2. Storage
  •  / 
  • 3. Aluminium processing
  •  / 
  • 4. Pre-anodisation
  •  / 
  • 5. Powder coating
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  • 6. Wood decor
  •  / 
  • 7. Assembling
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  • 8. Packaging
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  • 9. Logistics
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  • 10. Quality standard