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    My seating is all the rage.

    Chair rack [MKW® Powder coating steel]

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    My first car will be NO "banger"!

    Car door hinge [MKW® Powder coating steel]

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    For me everything revolves around agriculture.

    Spring tines for rakes [MKW® Powder coating steel]

Powder coating steel

During powder coating the complete RAL and special colour spectrum is processed.
We are able to process any order quantity.

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During powder coating the complete RAL and special colour spectrum is processed.
Powder paints quality, gloss level and structure finishes are individual.

Different coating systems and specific coating technologies enables the processing of any order quantity.


  • steel
  • iron
  • zinc-plated materials
  • castings

Quality of powder paints

  • polyester for architectural applications
  • highly weather resistant
  • polyurethane (PU)
  • acrylic
  • fluorpolymere (ultra weather resistant)

Structure finishes

  • fine texture
  • rough texture

Gloss level

  • gloss
  • silk gloss
  • matt

Processing dimensions

  • horizontal coating
    7 000 x 2 000 x 400 mm (W x H x D)


  • wire mesh, , metal units
  • grids, products made from wire
  • oven parts, expanded metal
  • facade elements

Colours are our passion for more than 35 years. We coat 3 million m² of metal surfaces every year.

Share your idea with us

We offer tailor-made solutions

MKW® is complete supplier of powder coating for steel parts. Our services extends from processing the grids or steel parts to ideal logistics for your needs. Every step on-site: from the idea through construction to completion of units.

  • optimised for use out- and indoors
  • assembling
  • short-term colour changes
  • processing of any order quantity
  • processing in accordance to OFI directive

MKW® Plus + Powder coating steel

Before and after an optimim result
  • 1. Preliminary assembly
  •  / 
  • 2. Wire processing
  •  / 
  • 3. Sandblasting
  •  / 
  • 4. Paint stripping
  •  / 
  • 5. Powder coating
  •  / 
  • 6. Assembling
  •  / 
  • 7. Packaging
  •  / 
  • 8. Logistics
  •  / 
  • 9. Quality standard