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    Comfort that fits like a glove.

    Slab for stool [MKW® Press technology]

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    My princess deserves the "chair".

    Toilet seat Dario FL [MKW® Sanitary]

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    User-friendliness on all levels.

    Shelve [MKW® Press technology]

Plastic pressing technology

Plastic press moulding for made-to-measure products

MKW® is a technology leader in the resin plastic pressing field and a leading European producer of toilet seats.

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Plastic pressing echnology

Resin and duroplast plastic pressing for products consisting of UF mould mass, melamine resins and BMC/SMC.

The use of a variety of plastics production processes means that optimised products with the desired characteristics can be developed and manufactured for customers.

Advantages of resin plastic

  • Replacement of aluminium die castings
  • High stabilities
  • Low tendency to creep
  • High temperature resistance
  • High surface hardness and density
  • Resistance to chemical influence


  • Toilet seats
  • Stool slabs
  • Shelvings
  • Frames for voltage insulators


The product has to be free of errors and fully functional before serial production starts. To be able to test the functionality of the respective product before series production, a sample component (prototype) is created using construction data. MKW® offers a variety of rapid prototyping tools that can be used individually according to customer requirements and plastic pressing product characteristics.


The MASTER MODEL is a milled sample made from specific plastic with subsequent painting.

  • Prototypes for functional tests
  • Prototypes to check exact fit and dimensional accuracy
  • Detailed model for product photos
  • Full-colour visual model

Share your idea with us

We offer tailor-made solutions

MKW® is complete supplier of plastic pressing production. We offer teamwork that extends from the selection of the ideal plastic through prototyping to serial production.

  • Project and product management
  • Product development and design
  • Component design and simulation
  • Prototyping
  • In-house toolmaking and jigs
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Share know-how.We support our customers in an early stage of development. Benefit from our expertise and experience as well as from our social network to institutions and specialists.

MKW® Plus + Press technology

Before and after an optimum result
  • 1. Product development & design
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  • 2. Prototypes
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  • 3. Construction
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  • 4. Toolmaking & Jigs
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  • 5. Automation and special machines
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  • 6. Press technology
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  • 7. Assembling
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  • 8. Packaging
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  • 9. Logistics
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  • 10. Quality standard